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Sound Healing with Gongs £45 per session


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The Cottage

Ridgewood Community Centre

244 Station Road



BS37 4AF

Sound healing has been used for thousands of years by the ancient people of the East, the Egyptians and even the Greeks.  As we know, everything vibrates and depending on the frequency depends on whether we see or feel it as a solid (low frequency) or as light (high frequency).  We also know that water is a great conductor of sound and as our bodies are made up of 70% water, that means we are perfect conductors of sound and can easily tune in to sounds and tones to help us start our own self-healing process.


It's thought that gongs were discovered quite by accident; whilst baking bread in crude rock ovens the heat of the oven caused the minerals within the rock to melt and pool on the oven floor, first tin and then copper, combining together to create a circle of molten bronze.  As the oven cooled the metal hardened and you can imagine early man pulling it out of the oven, wondering what it was and throwing it away and as it hit a stone on the ground it made this wonderful sound, so he began to hit it with stones and sticks and so the very first gong was created.  Now whether this story is true or not, it creates a wonderful image of early man using a very primitive version of a gong.  Today, creating a gong is truly a fine art with the best gongs being hammered and tuned by hand by a master craftsman.


Using a 36" Symphonic Paiste Gong, this wonderful instrument has the widest range of harmonics balanced perfectly with quite complex overtones; which makes it ideal to use for healing.  Along with a 20" Wind Gong and a beautiful 30" Kundalini Rising Phoenix Gong by Michael Milas, so you can immerse yourself in the wonderful tones of gongs.  Bathe in the sounds of the singing bowl, hang drum, chimes and other instruments allowing the vibrations to wash through and around you to help your body to deeply relax, easing any tensions and start your own healing processes with this unique healing experience.  You really should try it!


Is it suitable for me?

Thankfully Gong and/or Sound Healing is suitable for  just about anyone, however, if you suffer from any form of sound sensitive issues such as tinitus, epilepsy, migraine, bipolar, aspergers/autism, or if you are within the first 3 months of pregnancy, recently diagnosed with a psychological disorder or have a pacemaker, then please give me a call to discuss.


For Group Sound Baths/Gong Bath Meditations - Go to the Events page for latest dates


1-2-1 Sound Healing/Gong Healing - £35 for 50 minutes

(please allow extra time for your first appointment for information gathering)

Gong Healing involves the client lying on a couch, fully clothed, with or without shoes, under

a blanket.  The Practitioner will take the client through a quick relaxation meditation before

playing the Gongs completely intuitively and playing other instruments if the Practitioner feels

drawn to them.


Gift Certificates are available for a Gong/Sound Treatment


Terms & Conditions

Gift Certificates are non-refundable and are not redeemable for cash.

The recipient of the gift certificate should call in advance to book an appointment.

Gift Certificates expire 6 months from date of purchase.

Gift Certificates are not valid for any therapy other than the one stated on the certificate.

An additional charge of £1 will be added for postage & packing should you wish the gift certificate posted to a UK address

Gong Healing at Ridgewood Open Day


Hypnotherapy is very effective, however results may vary from client to client and success therefore cannot be guaranteed.  Full clients commitment is essential.  Please read Terms & Conditions for more information.


All pictures have either been purchased, downloaded from royalty free websites or are the property of Julie Showering.


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15 Minute Gong Meditation.mp3

This was just a practice Demo but I thought it was worth including it to give you an idea of what the Gongs sound like.  So lie back and relax for just 15 mintues.

If you want to understand a bit more about the power of vibrations then watch this amazing video - it shows how symetrical geometric patterns are created just by playing tones.  Each tone creates a different geometrical pattern.  I think this is awesome and it just shows if sound can have this sort of efffect on coloured sand - imagine how it can affect us as it vibrates through our bodies.

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