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Chakra Dancing Classes - Fitness For Mind, Body & Soul

Sorry, we are currently not running any classes


Loose, layered clothing and Trainers are recommended.

You may dance in bare feet at your own risk.

Please bring drinking water with you.

No coordination necessary and no set routines.

Suitable for all fitness levels and abilities.

No floor work involved


What is Chakra Dancing?


Chakra Dancing is a spontaneous dance exercise class. It's a workout for the mind, body and soul led by a trained Chakra Dancing teacher to music composed especially for the purpose.   A dance of self-healing which allows you to connect to your inner self, your emotions and your body. Chakra dancing is a great way to release and let go of any unexpressed emotions or blocked energies but best of all to have fun whilst doing so!


Stimulating the natural flow of energy through the chakras, the dance leads to physical and mental well-being. Using an eclectic mix of global influences from tribal dancing to Tai Chi, yoga and slow motion body work it gently guides you through the chakras, leaving the body re-energised and in perfect balance. Chakra Dancing isn’t your normal type of exercise class; it’s a dance therapy, a spiritual journey of transformation for your mind, body and soul


Best of all, there are no steps or routines to learn, no coordination is needed and there's no floor work!  Just feel the music, let go and dance your own dance.  There are no expectations of you and no-one forcing you to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, which makes it suitable for all ages, all fitness levels and all abilities.


What are chakras?


The 7 main chakras are the energy centres in our body which energy flows though. The word translated literally means ‘Wheel of spinning Energy’.  Each chakra is associated with a certain part of the body, a certain organ and specific emotions and behaviour.


Over time our Chakras can become blocked, causing us to feel low, run down and fatigued. With a different piece of music relating to each of the 7 main chakra centres, this dance therapy will help you to release any blockages and leave you feeling energised and yet completely balanced within, improving your health and wellbeing - physically, mentally and emotionally.


What do I need to bring?


Please bring water and wear comfortable loose layered clothing. You are welcome to dance barefoot (at your own risk) but soft footwear is better suited.


Workshops & Demonstrations


If you would like an on-stage Chakra Dancing Demonstration or Workshop at your Mind, Body, Spirit Fair or Pamper Event, or if you would like to me run a class for your friends and family in a hall or at home, please contact me.


I have danced on stage at some of the biggest MBS Fairs in the Country including Cambridge, Brentwood, London and The Healing Weekend in Somerset.


Why not get a few friends together and book a Chakra Dancing Class?  With the option of a 1-hour class or a 2-hour class which includes a meditation, it's a great way to de-stress and have fun.


Minimum number required is 6 for a workshop - Travel costs may be incurred.


Prices on application


Chakra Dancing CD's are available from


If you are interested in becoming a Chakra Dancing Teacher, go to for more details and to request a prospectus.

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