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Download Hypnotherapy Back Up CD Download 3 Minute Meditation Download Destress in 10

Stream or Download Hypnotherapy Back Up CD v5.mp3

Hypnotherapy Back Up CD - This is a 30 minute Hypnotherapy CD which will help you to relax into a deep and restful sleep at night.  The best way to use it is to think about all the things that have been good about the day, maybe even write them down, and then pop on the CD, listen to it, follow but don't fight sleep, just allow sleep to wash over you.

NB: Streaming requires a wifi connection or it may use your mobile data

Download 3 Minute Meditation.mp3

3 Minute Meditation - It's exactly that - a quick 3 minutes meditation to help you relax and de-stress - great if you've only got a few minutes to gather yourself together!

Download Destress in 10.mp3

De-Stress in 10 Minutes - Another great quick meditation to help you de-stress when you've got 10 minutes.

Stream Hypnotherapy Back Up CD

15 Minute Gong Meditation.mp3

This was just a practice Demo but I thought it might be worth including it to give you an idea of what the Gongs can sound like.  So lie back and relax for just 15 mintues

Stream 15 Minute Gong Meditation