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Anxious children can often show signs of emotional disabilities, aggressive behaviour, shyness, social phobia and/or a lack interest in otherwise enjoyable activities.   They're also less likely to tell you what's wrong for fear of upsetting you, worrying you or disappointing you!  Most of the time children don't really know what's wrong, or it's simply that they don't know how to express what's wrong?


There are so many reasons why a young person can feel anxious:


Some of the signs indicating anxiety could be:


Of course there are lots of other reasons and a lot more signs that could indicate a child is suffering from anxiety.


Thankfully help is out there and children respond really well to Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, so long as they are happy to work with the hypnotherapist to make changes.  Of course it's  important that the young person understands that there is a problem which they need to resolve and that it's OK to ask for help.


Children as young as 6 can have hypnotherapy providing they have good conversational skills.  It's best that one or both parents come along without the child for the Initial Consultation in the first instance so that you can get to know me and we can discuss your child's issues. It's really important that parents understand how change comes about and how they can help their child to move forward.


*"Thank you so much for helping ****.  It's so lovely to be able to go to a restaurant as a family now and all eat together.  We can't thank you enough."



Working with Teenagers


Our teenage years are difficult enough as it is as we start to go through physical, psychological and emotional changes. We're no longer allowed to be children, but we're not quite adults either and our internal chemical systems are all over the place.  In the animal kingdom we would be getting ready to fledge, to go out on our own and start our own group or family.


But today, our teenagers have the added difficulties of mobile phones, Facebook, twitter and other technologies which make it even more challenging. Add to that the stress that comes with exams, peer pressure and social skills it's no wonder that many teenagers find that their academic performance and confidence can be affected.


Hypnotherapy is a great way to help them cope with all these changes, helping them to think more positively and to start feeling good about themselves and the environment they live in.


Contact me today to book an Initial Consultation. Parents are encouraged to come along too so that they understand how we will be working together and how they can help you to move forwards.


*"OMG I can't believe how much you helped me to focus for my exams, I've never felt so calm walking into an exam room - thanks."

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Working with Children and Young People

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